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05/17/2008State Baseball Finals-Elk vs Skutt GM1 Boys BA
05/17/2008State Baseball Finals-Elk vs Skutt GM2 Boys BA
05/14/2008State Baseball 3rd Rd-Elkhorn vs Gross Boys BA
05/05/2008District Finals - Blair at Elkhorn Boys BA
05/03/2008District Semifinals; Norris at Elkhorn Boys BA
02/22/2010BB: Blair at Elkhorn Boys BB
02/19/2010BB: Nebraska City at Elkhorn Boys BB
02/10/2010GB: Parents Nite Video Girls BB
01/26/2010BB: EMC Tourney-Waverly at Elkhorn Boys BB
01/15/2010BB: Elkhorn at Lincoln Pius X Boys BB
12/22/2009BB: Omaha Skutt at Elkhorn Boys BB
12/20/2008BB: Norris at Elkhorn Boys BB
12/13/2008BB: Plattsmouth at Elkhorn Boys BB
12/09/2008BB: Elkhorn at Blair Boys BB
12/06/2008BB: Omaha Gross at Elkhorn Boys BB
03/08/2008BB: Boys State: Finals: Elkhorn vs Beatrice Boys BB
03/07/2008BB: Boys State: 2Rd: Elkhorn vs Pius X Boys BB
03/06/2008BB: Boys State: 1st Rd: Elkhorn vs Skutt Boys BB
03/01/2008BB: Girls State: Elkhorn vs Pius X Girls BB
02/29/2008BB: Girls State Semis-Elkhorn vs South Sioux City Girls BB
02/28/2008BB: Girls State Trny 1st Round Elkhorn vs Seward Girls BB
02/26/2008BB: Boys District Finals: Elkhorn vs Roncalli Boys BB
02/25/2008BB: Boys: District Semi-Final: Elkhorn vs Schuyler Boys BB
02/22/2008BB: Girls District Finals @ Fremont-Elkhorn vs SSC Girls BB
02/21/2008BB: Girls: District Semis-Elkhorn vs Roncalli Girls BB
02/19/2008BB: Boys: Platteview @ Elkhorn Boys BB
02/15/2008BB: Boys: Nebraska City at Elkhorn Boys BB
02/08/2008Elkhorn @ Waverly Boys BB
02/07/2008BB: Girls: Elkhorn @ Blair Girls BB
01/31/2008BB: Girls: Norris @ Elkhorn Girls BB
01/29/2008BB: Girls: Omaha Westside @ Elkhorn Girls BB
01/29/2008Omaha Westside @ Elkhorn Boys BB
01/26/2008BB: Girls: EMC Tourney Finals at Nebraska City Girls BB
01/25/2008Boys BB EMC Semis at Neb City-Elkhorn vs Waverly Boys BB
01/24/2008Girls BB EMC Semis @ Nebr City-Elkhorn vs Waverly Girls BB
01/22/2008Boys 1st Rd EMC Tourney-Nebraska City @ Elkhorn Boys BB
01/21/2008BB Girls: First Rd EMC Trny-Platteview @ Elkhorn Girls BB
01/19/2008BB: Boys: JV: Lincoln NorthEast @ Elkhorn Girls BB
01/19/2008BB: Boys: Lincoln Northeast @ Elkhorn Boys BB
01/15/2008BB: Girls: Columbus @ Elkhorn Girls BB
01/11/2008BB: Boys: Elkhorn @ Lincoln Pius X Boys BB
01/11/2008BB: Boys: JV: Elkhorn @ Lincoln Pius X Boys BB
01/10/2008BB: Girls: Schuyler @ Elkhorn Girls BB
01/05/2008BB: Girls: Northwest @ Elkhorn Girls BB
01/05/2008Northwest @ Elkhorn Boys BB
01/04/2008Elkhorn @ Skutt Boys BB
01/04/2008BB: Boys: JV: Elkhorn @ Skutt Boys BB
01/03/2008BB: Girls: Elkhorn @ Skutt Girls BB
01/03/2008BB: Girls: JV: Elkhorn @ Skutt Girls BB
09/03/2010FB: Blair at Elkhorn Boys FB
08/27/2010FB: Bennington vs Elkhorn South Boys FB
08/26/2010FB: Waverly at Elkhorn Boys FB
08/20/2010FB: Elkhorn HS Scrimmage Boys FB
08/20/2010FB: Elkhorn South HS Scrimmage Boys FB
11/14/2009FB Playoffs: Elkhorn at Millard South Boys FB
11/06/2009FB Playoffs: Elkhorn at Grand Island Boys FB
10/30/2009FB Playoffs: Lincoln North Star at Elkhorn Boys FB
10/23/2009FB: Norfolk at Elkhorn Boys FB
10/16/2009FB: Elkhorn at Lincoln Southwest Boys FB
10/09/2009FB: Elkhorn at Kearney Boys FB
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